Sunday, December 20, 2009


ON 17TH OF DEC was my b-day. My brother, friends and family got me these always wanted presents.

All these presents below is what I got from my friends and family.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Guinea pigs in Christmas hat

These guinea pigs are my brother's. I ( myself ) took the picture of them in a Christmas hat. by the way did you know that Brownie (the brown one in the Christmas hat) is pregnant for the third time!!!!!! any way don't they look cute in the Christmas hat.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My brother's guinea pigs

If you are wondering who are the baby guinea pigs they are my brother's baby guinea pigs. The baby guinea pig on the left is named Maxi. my mum loves Maxi so much. I've got to admit that I like Maxi the best out of all the baby guinea pigs. The baby guinea pig on the right, her name is Blacky. Blacky is very shy and very very cute.

all about the red bellied black snack

This is a picture of a red bellied black snake that I took at Sydney Wildlife World. Red bellied black snakes live in some parts of NSW also in very few parts in QLD. I was very surprised of this beautifully colored snake. Red bellied black snakes are common in woodlands, forests and swamplands of eastern Australia. this snake is one of the poisonous snakes in Australia. If you see a snake out in the bush you can look at it but don't touch it.