Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hi everyone!
Sorry i haven't been on for a while ive been really busy since its the school holidays for me and my brother. I'll try catch up to what i have missed out on but in the mean time i will be posting things. I have also changed a bit of my profile with a fancy horse picture i found on Photobucket. I also have some things that i have missed here on blogger and i hope i can catch up on the things that I've missed =)
These are some of the horses that i saw on a trip to (i don't know where) and we had a rest stop for some snacks and drinks while me and my little brother were playing in the near by playground i spotted these pretty horses and I asked my mum if i can take some pictures of them. I have no idea what breed they are after all i didn't get to speak with the owner because they weren't around. They were quite friendly horses too.