Friday, January 8, 2010

Giddey up, Lucky!

I know, guinea pigs aren't supposed to have a saddle on but you got to admit that he looks cute with the saddle on, doesn't he? Oh, yeah! I forgot, did you know that his girlfriend( Brownie) is pregnant for the third time!


donna said...

Boy, did that picture of Lucky with the saddle on ever make me smile. How did you get him to sit so still for the picture?

I think I told you that we have a hamster named Theo. I should suggest to Phillip that he do a blog post about him with some pictures.

Whatever will you do with all the baby guinea pigs?

I was reading the information in your profile. You are a very interesting young person. I'm impressed.

Horsegirl said...

easy i waited for him to lye down on the bed i put saddle on and presto! what do hamsters look like by the way? we already sold our four baby guineas at a pet store down the street. Brownie is expecting to give birth in a couple of days.

Taren said...

hello that a really cute picture lol i dont have a guinea pig i adore horses though you can visit my blog if you want its got a cool horsey slideshow
=) XD XP 8) :0)