Saturday, January 23, 2010

Timber town Clydesdale

This is me patting a Clydesdale at Timber town. My dad used to have horses! Sometimes I wish that he still had his horses. We had a great time at Timber town!The Clydesdale was very friendly.Did you know that was my first time patting an actual horse!


donna said...

You look so adorable petting that big handsome Clydesdale. I'm pretty sure he likes you. They are very impressive horses, aren't they?

You are nice to leave a comment on Phillip's blog. He's on vacation with his family right now, on the island of St. Maarten.

I am looking forward to seeing more pictures from your vacation.


Eden said...

I was glad that horse was there during our visit. you are lucky to get to pet that beautiful horse.

donna said...

It's really your first time to pet a horse? I like your blog and pictures. Bye. Phillip

Horsegirl said...

awwwww, thanx dona for that lovely comment. yes Clydesdale is actually the heaviest horse in the world!

its a great pleasure to leave a coment on Philips blog. we haven't gone on a vacation yet for a long time.

horsegirl :D